Friday, June 1, 2007

Does Your Association Blog?

One of my tasks today was to setup a blog for our association. This blog will feature 4-5 members as authors and be open for comments. We, as the association, will be there to moderate if need be (delete spam, vulgarity, etc.), but this will be user generated content at its best. Our members have always wanted a way to talk openly about issues, and listservs just didn't seem to cut it. So we are giving it a shot with a neutral, industry topic. The blog/message board/community will be open to the public, but mostly marketed to our members.

If associations aren't doing this for their members, who is? Because I have a feeling that your members want this ability, even if they aren't telling you. And if you, as the association, aren't providing it, then someone else will and your members will be that less inclined to look to you as the source of information.


Mike said...

Welcome to the association blog world, such that it is!

-- Mike

Matt Baehr said...

Thanks Mike. I am discovering new clump blogs everyday. Thanks to your comment, I have found yours and several more. Keep up the good work!

Joseph said...

Hi Matt,

Nice blog. Keep up the great work at your association!

I'll add you to my Blogroll.


Matt Baehr said...

Joe - your link to your profile doesn't work. What is your blog? I want to make sure to add it to my blogroll too.