Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Great Brain Dump

Today I hosted the GWASE Membership Idea Swap. Yesterday, I attended the Social Media Unconference. So right now, I am awash in ideas and thoughts regarding all aspects of associations. Normally I have one topic I feel like I should write about, but today there is just too much, but I need to get it all out in one place. So here comes the potpourri of thoughts...

Cool use of blogs, without actually blogging -

If you are going to start to replace your old guard/boomers, you need to embrace the new, young members and get them involved in championing a new project or technology. And don't fret, it may take a year to get it to catch on.

Can you really, honestly and truthfully answer this question - What value/advantage/knowledge/can't live without thing does someone get from being a member of my association? If you can't, you aren't going to have members for much longer.

There is no one great communication tool to get your message to your members. You have to use them all: phone, email, in person, web, direct mail, blogs, social media, tin can and string...

"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" If you don't give your members what they need, someone else will and you lose your value. If you wait too long, they'll get it from somewhere else and you lose your value. If you lose your value, you lose your members.

Everyone should make time to go to an Idea Swap or networking event. You'll get at least one good idea or contact that will help you justify the time away from your laptop or blackberry. It will also help to reinvigorate your spirit as to why you do what it is you do.

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