Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LiveBlogging from the Social Media Unconference

I am writing this post primarily because Jamie Notter dared me to do it. Fifteen or so association folks are here at the Marriott Learning Center discussing how they may want to incorporate various bits of social media into their groups. Topics have ranged from wikis, to blogs, to e-learning and more.

It has been interesting to hear what people are doing, what people know, and what people know they don't know. The main thing I have picked up is that you learn through communities, whether formal and in-person or virtual. We have the right people in the room for the discussion, so we are getting out of it what we need.

Does your associaiton's conversations have the right people at the table?


David Gammel said...

It was great to meet you at the unconference, Matt. Keep on bloggin'.

zmonteca said...

Matt, it was also great meeting you. Keep 'em coming!!