Thursday, October 11, 2007

501cTV is Here!

OK, so I am a geek. Along with this blog, I have now launched 501cTV is my new web-only video show/blog where I will talk about a bunch of different things in association and non-profit land. Some segments are sponsorable, so feel free to help me offset my costs. The first edition is up and running. I am using blog software, so you can add this to your RSS list. I will try to do one every week.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your comments.

1 comment:

Maddie Grant said...

Matt - you are awesome. That rocks. BUT - a couple of comments. 1) unless I am seriously losing it, which is entirely possible, I couldn't see a "leave a comment" link anywhere on the site. 2) your links below the video - make them open in a new window - otherwise it stops the video and jumps to the page if you click on a link. 3) I think you should profile Gulo, personally - they are fun and do cool stuff.