Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Making Contact

We probably all have several stories we can recount of excellent or awful customer service. I recently received a cold e-mail from someone hawking speaker services. I replied and asked to be taken off their list. (I don't hire speakers.) Five days later, I get an email from the same person. This email says, "I contacted you about a month ago..." No, you didn't. It was five days. And I didn't want to be contacted again anyway.

Had I only received one email, and needed to hire a speaker, I might have at least considered using them. Now? Not a chance. I did email back and said told the person it had only been five days and could you please remove me from the list. This time, I got a response within an hour apologizing and offering very believable excuses (we all have bad days, I know.) But, damage done.

When you make contact with your members, are you making sure that no damage is being done?

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