Tuesday, October 30, 2007

West Coast Trip

I have just returned from Seattle and Anaheim. In Seattle we did a regional meeting for our members as well as had a booth at EduCause and a reception. Overall, everything went really well, except for my illness right before I left. I then went to a wedding in Anaheim. You could smell the smoke of the fires in the air, but no problems for the bride and groom.

We have another regional meeting in 2 weeks, but luckily we are hosting it here at HQ for the DC area members. But before that, I am off to BlogWorld. I must give credit to the BlogWorld CEO for commenting on my BlogWorld post. The web now allows you to have Google Alerts to certian things so you can always know what people are saying about you. It gives you the chance to join the conversation. Rick Calvert decided he wanted to join the conversation on my blog. Although I am sure only a handful of people saw his comment, it was positive. He showed interest and wanted to extend the conversation.

Are you joining the conversation about your association offerings? If you aren't, shouldn't you be? It could be the difference between an attendee/member and an evangelist.

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