Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BlogWorld - Day 1

So I attended the Executive and Entrepreneur Conference today at BlogWorld. This part of the conference had about 150 people. About 1000 more are supposed to be here for the main program on Thursday and Friday.

Overall, my impression so far is good. Good information, but great conversation. However, you can tell that this is the first time this show has happened. They weren't totally setup at the start of the program. Speakers were asked to speak rather than submit seminars, so they were sometimes disjointed. The speakers themselves had lots of knowledge and did a great job engaging the folks in the audience, but the room sets and AV weren't great. Ok, I am a trade show snob. I admit it. But hey, we do put on the fastest growing association run tradeshow!

Here are the key points I heard today:
- According to Pew Research, 44% of US online adults are content creators
- Allow evangelists to spread your message, but give them tools to put it in their own voice
- A community already exists around your product/service. It is better if you have it on your own home turf. If you don't engage in the conversation, others will. Then you will join too late.
- If you only post positive comments, you will lose credability
- Think of ROI in terms of Risk of Inactivity

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