Thursday, November 8, 2007

BlogWorld Day 2

I am waiting for a demo to start in 15 minutes, so I thought I would post real quick. Again, I am a trade show snob. Sorry. But things like not paying attention to your keynote when he is asking for a wireless mic to roam through the audience and letting loud noises repeatedly happen right outside your keynote can be fixed.

The sessions are pretty good, but you are supposed to sign up in advance and only attend what you sign up. This method stinks because some sessions are too basic and you can't leave and go to another. And this conference suffers from ASAE's problem as well. Too many interesting sessions going on at the same time and not being repeated. It is a testament to their relevance, but not ideal for attendees.

Don't get me wrong. This has been great. The show floor is a little small and a little too dedicated to blog revenue companies and web ads. But there are some gems to be found. And I admit association folks are not the key demo. This is probably perfect for the person with a moderately large blog. I was hoping for a little more on the new media side.

Keynote this morning was a guy from Fast Company interviewing the founder of WordPress. Really cool.

Great session on video blogging. I will have more on that when I get back and put our a new 501cTV.

Off to see a demo of MindTouch.

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