Friday, November 2, 2007

The Hats You Wear

I am both nervous and excited. Monday and Tuesday, I will be teaching the membership portion of The Hats You Wear program that ASAE has put together. The outline looks wonderful and kudos to the ASAE staff (Libby and Brian) for all their hard work. I will be teaching with Steve Rauchenecker from CCIM Institute.

The attendee list is about 70 with all types of job titles and associations attending (including fellow blogoclumper Maddie Grant). The program has tracks in Membership, Finance and Law with each running concurrently, but being offered both days.

If you are in attendance, please introduce yourself!

PS - Don't forget to fall back an hour this weekend! More sleep = good!

1 comment:

Maddie Grant said...

Sweet! I'll find you. Just so you know, I tend to sit in the "slacker" position near the back of the room... hahaha