Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting the Day at the Holiday Showcase

Luckily, the signage was great and I was able to find everything just fine. However, one little snafu while trying to get my badge. I didn't get mine ahead of time through the mail due to my tardiness in registering. There were plenty of badge holder pickup stations had I had my badge already. Since I didn't, I needed to go to the registration line. There were 4 stations, but the lines weren't clearly defined. A staff person or volunteer tried to get people in a 4th line, but that only caused issues as people in the back ended up ditching those who had been waiting. Luckily, the line fixed itself. At the same time, the GES staff started putting out line dividers, which would have been good, but not while the lines are already there. The dividers ended up cutting the lines, so that they shifted from up and down to side to side. Suddenly, the people who were second in each line became 7th, 8th and 9th. Oops.

A very minor thing, but as I have attested before, I am a trade show snob.

I got my badge, a nice bag and hit the continental breakfast. Yummy food, good coffee (including the Starbucks syrups) and a buzz around the room.

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