Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Social Media Experiment

To dip our toes into social media, we created groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Very easy, nothing to it really. Before the email (posted below) had even finished processing, we had 43 members of the Facebook group and 55 in LinkedIn. I am happy. I know that those will only grow as more people read this email. Now we have to figure out how to leverage this.


Matt Baehr said...

Just 35 minutes later and we are at 62 FB and 105 LI.

Matt Baehr said...

Less than a day, and we are at 148 for FB and 207 for LI.

Margaret Core said...

In 45 days, we have 16,00 and added more than 400 new contacts to our event prospect list--from Linked In

Can t wait until LinkedIn Open Source programmers propose new group features to LinkedIn