Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Much Hype = Less Value

Don't you feel that you can hype something so much, even something of value, to the point you lessen its value?

Church of the Customer talks about the opposite. No hype at all = lots of value.

Two topics are swirling around everything these days, and there is so much hype and lip service around them, that I feel we haven't moved anywhere significant with either one: diversity and social responsibility.

Let me say first of all, I am for both of the concepts wholeheartedly. I am just tired of constantly reading someone's update on either one or both. Just do it. Don't constantly tell me what you are thinking about doing, what you are doing and then what you did. No one is arguing that these are bad. No one is saying do less. I just want to be at a point where both are inherent, and updates are not constant beckons for pats on the back.

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