Sunday, February 17, 2008

ANPMP is Up and Running

Ok, the basic website for the ANPMP is up and running. You can join, enter a brief profile, read the latest from the Blogoclump, start your own blog, or chat in forums.

I am curious to hear your thoughts. I have other things I want to add on the back end, as well as increase the functionality on the front end. But, I need your help too, to let me know where to go next.

PS - I am now over 100 posts on BlogClump. YEAH!

PSS - Thanks to Vinay for kicking me in the butt to add email subscription. You can now get Blogclump in your email box, just subscrive via the link on the right sidebar.

1 comment:

Vinay said...

Matt, this is a fantastic idea. Really eager to see where this experiment goes. Man, this has the potential to really shake things up in the ass'n world - as to how they function today and how they may function & exist in the future. Since for many, listserve tends to be the no. 1 benefit mentioned (another form of on-line community), if this takes off, then some may start to question why to become member of an ass'n where they have to pay dues, when they right here can communicate & network with their peers, for free. Hmmm, can this potentially even impact some existing assn's survivability? Anything is possible.