Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Open Source Experiment Continues

I really wish my experiment could go faster, but I don't have loads of free time to work on this. I have now installed Drupal as my CMS and am working with it. If you visit the site, it will redirect you to the Drupal-run site. You will notice the Drupal logo and a bare minimum of any content.

I tried to upload CiviCRM, but had issues. I unzipped the program after downloading, but as I tried to move it over to the server, I had FTP issues. So I don't have CiviCRM up. I will try again once I get back home (I am on the road for work).

My next thing to add was going to be the ELGG open source social networking application. However, in looking at the documentation, I don't think I know enough PHP and database stuff to pull this off by myself. I think using a cheap hosting service like GoDaddy (which is what I am using) might not give me all the access to everything I may need.

When I get some time, I may try to wrangle up some tech help.

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