Thursday, June 5, 2008


What a day. All because of the weather. I need to get this off my chest. Everyone needs to start acting with more common courtesy and common sense. This was very evident in the traffic situations caused by the weather yesterday.

When a traffic light is out, it is a 4-way stop, no matter what. Several times on my way to the DC United game, I hit signals that were out. Not a single one was treated like a 4-way stop when I got there. I stopped, but people next to me flew through it. Some even honked at me and passed me on the left to get through. Be smart and show some love to others.

Next, when your lane merges into another on the freeway, don't speed up and fly to the end of the merge area and then try to nose your way in. Especially when it is gridlock anyway. Turn on your signal and wait your turn. Just because you came off a ramp doesn't mean you have priority over someone who has been sitting on the freeway going 1mph for the last 10 minutes. I saw some lady get onto 395 from the Pentagon area last night speed up and nose her way in front of a truck and ended up getting hit by the truck. She gets out of her car and starts complaining to the guy driving the truck. However, she was trying to merge in front of him by speeding into the birm and just jetting over. I bet he didn't even see her, considering she was driving one of those new Saturn Skys. Let one person in, then go. And give the wave when someone lets you in.

I made the mistake of trying to go to the DC United game last night. I spent a total of 5 hours in transit, waiting, getting wet and sitting, all to see a total of 15 minutes of soccer. At least I got a free t-shirt for my $12 in parking costs.

Anyway, be safe out there. And pay it forward...


Tony Rossell said...

Matt -- I totally agree with your post and your frustration. I actually have changed some of my common routes to work to avoid areas where people behave poorly. It is interesting that in a car we behave towards others in ways we would never do face to face. Tony

Dave C. said...

I agree 100%. I know what you mean about the four way stop rule at a non-functioning stop light. However, I'd be happy if folks would just treat a four way stop like a four way stop!