Monday, September 8, 2008

Tagged in the Changeblogging Meme

Maddie Grant tagged me in the Changeblogging Meme. Here are my answers to the three questions.

What is one change - big or small, local or global - you want to see in your lifetime?
Since it is a timely topic, I would like to see the end of the two-party system. I am tired of all politicians lining up on one side of the fence when it is obvious they don't all have the same ideals. Stop the spin and just have people run on platforms not parties.

Who is already working this issue that you think others should support? I have no idea. I am sure they are out there, but I don't know who they are.

How are you going to use your Web/tech/marcom skills to further this cause? (Or, what are you already doing that works?)
Again, I am not sure. Maybe I didn't pick the best answer to question #1. I am all for change, and doing what I can. But I am honestly at a loss on this one. I am not a political person to begin with, but I hate listening to red vs. blue when there is clearly a purple area. (Sounds better than black vs. white in this instance)