Sunday, March 22, 2009

Creating Volunteers

So, I keep getting tagged to post on a bunch of topics. Thank goodness, because I have been bad about posting. This is good incentive. Here is the latest.

Peggy Hoffman has asked me to share five short-term, ad-hoc volunteer jobs I’d love to have.

I am not going to lie, this took a long time to figure out. There are some volunteer things out there that I wish I did, like the Big Brother program. But I wanted to come up with a few that I am not sure are even out there.

1. Watching TV pilots for potential new shows
2. Being part of the committee that chooses the future World Cup sites
3. Review start-up business plans for Angel investors or VCs
4. Some sort of wine tasting volunteer
5. Teach real life skills to professional athletes - I think I could keep them out of trouble.

**I started writing this post a month ago, but just now finished it. I actually forgot I had started it until I did my last post. Sorry Peggy.


Peggy Hoffman said...

Worth the wait Matt! And I'll be happy to volunteer with you at the wine tasting! But seriously, this list proves again that there are more small jobs that we're all willing to lift a hand for that we in associations think ... maybe we should are members to crowdsource a list of "small" jobs?

KiKi L'Italien said...

Fun post, Matt! I'll add my fun ad hoc volunteer positions:

1. Guest judge on a panel judging makeup artists
2. Writing reviews for books and/or makeup products
3. Recording a discussion at a round table with my Flip Mino HD
4. Providing live Twitter chatter during meetings
5. taste testing cocktails :) TGIF!