Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Google TV Ads Update #5

On Friday, I wrote into Google again about the issue of the broken links and the fact that I still didn't know why the ad was rejected. I did get a call from a live human (different from the first guy) wondering how he could help. However, turns out that the TV ads is a totally different department than regular adwords, even though they both live under the adwords moniker. He tried to be helpful nonetheless and is supposed to call me this week with more info.

In the meantime, I did get a notice this morning from another person that the video failed because not everything was in the Action Safe Zone again. One setting in Visual Communicator is to playback in action safe mode. However, I guess it doesn't save that way. I do have photos in the video that need to be cropped down to be "action safe." I am going to do that this morning, and repost. We shall see.

This just in - the links to VideoPad and Movie Maker are now fixed!!! No one told me they were fixed, but I checked them here, and they work!!!

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