Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web Redesign - It's Always More Than You Think

I realize I have been off of this blog for 2 months now. Partly because I have 2 small kids. Partly because I have traveled a decent bit. Partly because it is budget time. But mostly because we are in the wake of a total web overhaul.

I am leading the charge of our new site, complete with lots new functionality. And the lesson here is, it always takes longer than you think it will. I knew this going in, and it still is taking longer than I thought. It is not really anyone's fault in particular. It is just how life goes. You have lots of people doing little parts, but many of those parts can't be started until another is completed. And unless the perfect storm of everyone doing their part, on-time, in the right order happens, you will have delays.

I know there are project managers out there saying, "that's what we are here for" and "you have to plan properly." I understand and agree. But even if you do that, it will still take longer. Trust me.


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