Thursday, December 9, 2010


We are starting to do webinars at my association. Some will be paid, some will be free. If you haven't seen it, Associations Now has a great article on webinar pricing and whether or not to make them free. (Sorry, I couldn't find the link. Maybe Lisa Junker can help out.)

[Edit - Thanks to Mark from ASAE for finding the link]

I am of the mindset that if the webinar is about the core of your member's being, why you exist, then it should be free to members. But, if it is a value add or extremely specialized, then charge. A good mix will be appreciated by all. My two cents.


Mark Athitakis said...

Hi Matt,

Here's a link to the article you mentioned: Jacqui Cook's "The Ups and Downs of Free Education."

Glad you found it useful, and best of luck with your own efforts---keep us posted on how it goes.

Mark Athitakis
Senior Editor
Associations Now

Anonymous said...

Matt, FSAE is launching its knowledge community, FSAE-U, in the Spring. This same subject is one that has been discussed at great length. It actually is what worries me most about the program, over and above content, member interest, formatting, platform, etc.

We should stay in touch and bounce ideas off each other as to what is working and what isn't. Post the link once you get your hands on it, okay?