Thursday, July 26, 2007

8 Habits Tag

I am not going to lie. I have never been a huge fan of chain letters or those "get to you know your friends" things. But Ben has tagged me with an 8 Habits deal. Just for you Ben, but I won't pass it on to anyone specifically. However, feel free to comment your own 8 habits.

1. I, too, shave in the shower. I have a wet/dry electric. It is tough without a mirror, so I usually have to go over once the mirror defogs.
2. I, too, enjoy fans and white noise when sleeping. However, I don't travel with any.
3. Each morning I walk the dog right after I get dressed and before breakfast. Usually the same route through my neighborhood.
4. When I get to work, I have a list of sites I look at each morning after I have answered my work email.
5. I am a complusive email checker. I get online and check email while watching TV at night.
6. I love my DVR and have appointment TV viewing. Last night was Rescue Me on FX. Great show. Got home late from dinner downtown, but was able to start the recording and fast forward through commercials. Brilliant.
7. I always try to get aisle seats when I fly. Just like it that way.
8. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I try to get something different off the menu. Unless I have been there enough times I have a staple of dishes I like. Then I just get one of those that I am in the mood for.

Now that you all know the above about me, feel free to buy me a morning (but not too early) aisle seat to fly to LA to see a taping of Rescue Me and get me dinner somewhere I haven't eaten with a hotel that has free wi-fi.

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Greg said...

YIKES! Once again, not having my own blog means no tagging. A good thing.

Matt, you should get a fog free mirror with suction cups that you can hang on the wall of your shower. I found a great one at Target.

BTW - Exit Aisle for me and you should consider changing the route with the dog, he might like to see something new every once and a whil.