Thursday, July 12, 2007

ASAE Annual Meeting Events

Maybe it is because I am a year older. Maybe it is because I am leading a session this year. Maybe it is because I have a blog that gets DOZENS of hits each month. Who knows the real reason? But I seem to be more popular this year, because I keep getting invited to new vendor events being held at ASAE Annual. Blue Man Group, a movie screening, a night of blues music - what is a guy to do?

Anyone else getting these? Are you going to anything? Are the Cubs in town?


Ben Martin, CAE said...

Maybe it's because you forgot to check the box on the registration form that asks you if you want to opt out of mailings. :-)

The Cubs are in town vs. huge rivals STL. You want to go?

Ben Martin, CAE said...

oops, I'm off by a week. It's actually the Reds. Still, I'd go.

Matt Baehr said...

Bummer, game is Tuesday night and I have to leave Tuesday morning.

The funny thing is the invites I am getting are email, and to the wrong address. But they go to my wife who has been forwarding them to me. :)

Tony Rossell said...

Hi Matt -- If we had a party, I would invite you to ours also. By the way, I added a link to your blog from mine. You have some good reading. You are up to 13 hits. Tony