Monday, July 2, 2007

Different Options

What a 2 week stretch! Our tradeshow set record numbers in every way out in Anaheim. Everyone is happy. Then, the wife and I got to follow that up with a week in Hawaii. Is there a more perfect place on Earth?

As I was in the Honolulu airport reading a magazine before my red-eye flight, an article was talking about branding and how Toyota makes Lexus and Scion as a way to reach different markets and give different people what they are looking for. Gap does it with Old Navy and Banana Republic. The same company is "making" the products, just a bit differently and marketing and branding them differently. That got me thinking, how can we apply this to association life? Can we, as associations, produce a different member experience in order to garner new members from different segments?

I think you can. It goes back to my Repurposing Article. Take what you have and tweek it enough that it is different from the original, but appeals to a different group. Jeans are jeans and a car is a car. I would rather drive a Lexus, but can only afford a Toyota. If someone is saying that about your association, how can you please them?

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