Monday, August 6, 2007

Holy Postcards Batman!

I was off on Friday to go to Ohio for a wedding. I came back today to check my mailbox to find several dozen postcards. I can't believe how many ASAE exhibitors are sending pre-show postcards. Come visit booth #XXXX to learn about whatever. I am curious. Does anyone have any ROI numbers on these types of things? You have a pretty good handle on your both ROI, but I can't imagine you are getting much bang for your buck out of the postcard trick. Maybe a few people stop by that wouldn't have, but then you still have to sell your product at the booth. Yikes.


Tony Rossell said...

Matt -- We have not done post cards to draw people to our exhibit. But if you are going to spend all the money to go to Chicago, rent space, etc. and you have the chance to interact with a group who wants to bring their meeting to your hotel or city, it might be worth the money. You may only get one shot at a face to face meeting each year. Do you look at any of the cards? Tony

Matt Baehr said...

No, not really. I glance at them, but that's it. I would not keep a bunch of postcards to take with me to remind me to hit a booth. Just my style. I understand the underlying logic, but I just think the true ROI has got to be terrible.

Tony Rossell said...

Well Matt, I will save the postage and go electronic. Feel free to stop by our booth. It is number 203. Tony