Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pay vs. Free

I am hoping to get some input and some opinions on this one. When it comes to various courses, seminars, consumer products, etc., there is an assumption that if something has a high price that it is more valuable than something with a lower price. There are numerous examples of people getting slow sales, only to raise prices and get more sales. In the association world, we are expected to provide value in various ways to our dues paying members. Some of that is with free member-only benefits, some with member discounts, and some are other varieties (advocacy, goodwill, etc.)

So how do you decide what is free versus discounted versus full price? Are you willing to take a loss on certain things? What is your criteria?

Do share...

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Jeff said...

Matt, I posted something on this issue back in March on The Forum Effect Blog. You may find it helpful. You can find it here:

I would encourage you to ask a different question: how can we use free to connect, while using pay to engage?

Let's see how the conversation unfolds.