Monday, August 20, 2007

Really Back in the Office

Today is my first full day in the office in 2 weeks. Kind of crazy. After getting back from Chicago, we had our leadership forum for about 75 members. That was followed by another member summit. I was very happy to sleep in my own bed on Saturday night. Today I did my voluminous expense reports, and started going through my learning journal from ASAE Annual. Here is a snapshot of some of my ideas:

- Share our association photos that we took at our trade show using Flickr, or something similar
- Repurpose some video we have and create a video members can put on their websites about careers in our industry
- Create an Evangelist toolkit we can give to our evangelical members to help them spread the word
- Do more smaller, regional events to cover more area
- See which members are blogging about our industry

Some seem like no-brainers, but sometimes you just need that shot in the arm. Anyone doing any of these?

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Becky said...

We encourage attendees at all of our events to post pictures/blogs etc with a standardized tag so that we can aggregate all of it together in one place. Last year it worked great; over 800 flickr photos were tagged with our keyword:
Blogging hasn't really taken off very heavily in our community but boy do they like their flickr!! :-)