Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where Did the Summer Go?

I can't believe I haven't posted in 9 days. That's what happens when you are out of the office for a while...and then will be out of the office again. I have a wedding and 2 work trips to Atlanta coming up. 3 straight weekends of travel, plus a few days on either side. And of course, it is time to start thinking about 2008 budgets. This summer seemed to fly by. Different events changed their dates slightly which changed my summer entirely.

We know how a slight change can make everything around it change greatly. We experience the Butterfly Effect all the time. Are you making sure that when you do something or change something, that you are looking at the bigger picture on how it changes things for your members?


ljunker said...

I completely agree, Matt. And another thing I've learned: It's worth taking a moment to think about how your new idea will impact other staff, as well. I've found that people handle change much better if they are specifically notified ("Hey, I'm going to start doing this new thing and I think it will impact your department in this way") instead of finding out about something when it's formally announced. Often, the people you notify can help you polish up your new idea, too!

Maddie Grant said...

Agreed - I always have to watch that, being the kind of person who likes to storm ahead all the time - I feel like I am always holding myself back from going too fast but that's not a bad thing and when I do implement something, it's an "improved version" of what my original plan would have been...!