Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Customer Service

Ok, so this may not be the place for this, but I see a lesson here for association folks. My sister-in-law just got a used car that needed a part. She got a 2002 Mustang and it needed a new wheel and brakes. She took it to the shop and they could do the brakes, but didn't have a matching wheel. So my brother-in-law found the wheel online from a Mustang focused shop called Cruizin Concepts Wholesale (I won't link to them). It took a few days to get a "paid" invoice which said the product would ship in 2-4 business days. On the 4th business day, maybe 5th, we called because it didn't show up. Turns out, it was lost by UPS. It had a tracking number, but was never scanned or something.

So a week was wasted and we had a chance to buy 4 almost new mustang wheels from a neighbor. So for the quick fix, we did that and then the nightmare began. When my wife called the CCW folks, they said they would find out what happened and call back. They didn't. My sister-in-law called to follow up, the CSR was not very accomodating, and told her that she'd get a call back. They didn't. Turned out they reshipped without clarifying that that was what the customer wanted. In a 90 minute call the next day, CCW chastised us for waiting to call when it didn't arrive (though according to their invoice, we shouldn't expect it that early). Then was bitter when we didn't want to pay for the wheel or the shipping, even when he failed to call back. He said the call was just a courtesy (that he didn't make). I'll give the CSR this, after being told that he was being very rude, his tone improved. Though at the end of the call, he had the nerve to try to upsell. We suggested he make this right by covering the to and from shipping costs that he insisted were our responsibility, and try to win over a new Mustang owner who may need future parts. He actually said he couldn't justify losing money on shipping for the chance at a future purchase. WOW. I can't believe it. Oh, and best line ever, during his rude tyrade he told my wife that he had been doing customer service for years and was compensated well for it so it obviously couldn't be his fault. Hilarious.

Anyway, 2 things. Don't shop there, ever. And 2, how are you treating your non-members?

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Anonymous said...

bought saleen carbon side scoops. that are supposed to bolt on no body work. scoops did not fit. after calling tech support and sending pictures,sanding, and doing everything greg at tech support said to do. the scoops still would not fit. i finally got to the breaking point and demanded a new set of scoops. the became rude and stated that the thirty day return policy expired. they are willing to send me a second set and give me a deal on the shipping. this company is a joke.