Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Do You Ask Google to Fix Something?

I have a Google Alert set for my name: Matt Baehr. I also occasionally run a Google search on my name: Matt Baehr. So on both, why do I keep getting results for Matt Bahr? Yes, he was a great NFL kicker. I even have an autographed photo of him a friend got me because our names were so close.

The search results have gotten better. At first, only one thing on me was on page 1, the rest were Matt Bahr. Now he is only on the first page 4 times (but positions 1 and 3). However, my latest Google News alert has him at every entry. I am not all that vain, but this is annoying. He doesn't even play anymore!


Tony Rossell said...

Have you put quotation marks around your name. Also, on the google search, be sure not to click on the "corrected" spelling.

Matt Baehr said...

Thanks Tony - I guess I didn't have quotation marks. On the search, if I have quote marks there too, it works. However, I bet most people aren't using quote marks when they search.

Funny thing is, when you just search Matt Baehr, it doesn't even give you the option of "Did you mean Matt Bahr?"

Matt Baehr said...

Crud. The quotation marks didn't fix the Google Alerts. I still had 2 news alerts for Matt Bahr. However, this post showed up in the blog alert section.