Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where are the Conversations Happening?

I read an article in a meetings magazine about social media. Someone talked about a forum and/or listserv as where they got the most out of their membership to a particular association. In our association, we are looking at adding more blogging/forum/wiki features for our councils, etc. to enhance the listservs we currently offer. I think it will result in more participation and better conversation. Do you know where your conversations are taking place?

That got me thinking about being a Membership professional. Where do the conversations about membership issues take place? The ASAE listserv seems to be #1, but many of those emails aren't really conversations, but requests for recommendations of good vendors or requests for examples of things. I would say the blogoclump has been where the conversations are taking place. Should there be another place? Should there be a community just for membership professionals? Is there already one I don't know about?

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