Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 Books You Should Read

Anyone who knows me well, knows I don't read a lot of books. I mean truly read, cover to cover. I spend my time reading blogs and magazines (Inc., Fast Company, Associations Now, Forum). But, I have been trying to get better about it. I have recently read several of Seth Godin's books (love them). But over the holidays, I have read 2 books that I must recommend.

The First 90 Days - Michael Watkins
This book is subtitled: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels. If you are moving into a new position of any kind, especially CEO level, this book is perfect. It would also be helpful to read before you interviewed for such a position. Lots of good info and ways of looking at things.

The New Recruit - Sarah Sladek
This book is subtitled: What Your Association Needs to Know About X, Y and Z. All this talk about the generations is put into a nice, short read. Packed with good info and examples, this is the book to get your boss if he/she doesn't understand the generational thing and is content doing things the same as they have always been done. I could see getting this book for everyone in your organization, including your board.

My next read is Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow. I have started this one and am inspired to write something about how this can be applied to associations. It may end up too much for a blog post, but we shall see.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Tony Rossell said...

Matt -- Thanks for sharing. I will keep them in mind for my next purchases. I am now reading at least 10 separate books. Is anyone doing more than that? Tony

Sarah Sladek, Limelight Generations said...

Matt -
Thank you for recommending my book, The New Recruit! It's been a big hit with associations nationwide.

Love your blog - keep up the good work and representing those Xers in the association world! We need all the help we can get.