Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alpana Singh Takes Center Stage

Alpana Singh is a famous sommelier with books and a TV show. The show is called Check, Please and is a local Chicago show. I will let you read her bio here. She spent the beginning of the session just going over her history and how she got into wine. One great comment - in Europe wine is viewed as a necessity where in the US it is viewed as a luxury.

As a wine-wannabe, this was great. She taught herself everything and became a master sommelier. It was nice to hear she drinks many under $15.

I have my other blog that I haven't posted on enough in the last year, but check out the history. 10 Dollar Wines

Another cool wine site is WineLog.net. You set up an account and can track ratings, get recommendations, etc. This didn't exist when I started my blog. I was using it a lot a while ago, which explains my big gap in posts on my blog. I was blogging for WineLog under the name CardCat.

Back to Alpana, she is very funny and knowledgeable. I am going to have to check out her show. The whole talk was about her and wine, types of wine and pairings, nothing association related. Normally I would be a bit bummed because I wouldn't have a work-related takeaway, but since I love wine, this was great.

Standing room only.

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