Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Session

There are some good choices of opening sessions.

Decision to Join
Coaching - The Lost Leadership Art
Planning Multicultural Meetings
Content Delivery
Form 990 - Changes and Implications

I started to go to Content Delivery, but saw the handouts before it started. It was a great summary of different delivery methods, etc. but looked a little to basic for me. So I am now sitting in Decision to Join. Sheri Jacobs is presenting on findings from DTJ. Carylann Assante was supposed to be here, but got stranded by weather.

DTJ has boatloads of great information. I wish there was a companion piece for trade associations, but no luck.

There was a great part showing what the most important functions of an association are to the various generations. Networking rated highest with younger folks and the scale dropped with each older generation. Also, with younger workers, high priorities in career development, job information, and training rated as most important, but had the least satisfaction. "They value networking and professional development the most, but lack the resources to attend in-person meetings."

One good way to vary delivery is with small pieces of information. Many can't digest full newsletters. MarketingProfs.com has small newsletters where you choose topics and they email you small, snack-sized bites of information.

Another way to get younger members involved and double check your offerings is to invite younger members to be part of your seminar selection committee.

I don't want this post to get too long, so I will check in later with more.

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