Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Idea for Lunch

Those drums I heard were actually a theater troupe that was the lunch entertainment. When you walked over to lunch, you had a choice: Time to Energize or Time to Relax. Take Time is the overall theme this year. Time to Energize was in the Grand Ballroom and had the theater troupe dressed like Mardi Gras parade goers (I guess) and was lively and loud. Outside that room was the place to relax and continue conversations without the noise and excitement. I love this idea. How many times are you at a meeting and wish you could just talk to folks instead of hearing the entertainment? Only downside - cash bar for those that wanted to continue their drinking. I stuck with water and lemonade.

One side note on the Hyatt. I love that there is free wireless down in one area of meeting rooms (where we were this morning). The network is Hyatt Regency Foyer. However, in the main lobby, this network isn't available. This network isn't available one level up (I am in the subconcles of this building) or where lunch is being served. A little strange. I had to walk back here in order to find service.

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