Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Now Have Texting

Up until now, I have not had text messaging. Primarily because it hadn't blown up when I owned my own phone. And the company didn't give me a phone that had texting turned on. Until now. I have have a smart phone, with a data plan, so I can text. I was never a big texting guy. I didn't really get it. Why wouldn't you just call that person. Well, having spent this past weekend in Vegas with some buddies, I now know why. It came in very handy. Some places were too loud to hear, but you could text. It helped me find my group.

So, I have now joined Twitter as CardCat. (CardCat is a combination of my school's mascots: Cardinals and Bobcats.) We shall see.

I am accepting Twitter thoughts, ideas, hints and comments.


Ben Martin, CAE said...

First things first: Turn off twitter's text alerts and send alerts to your IM client. If you have active tweeters on your friend list, your phone might beep or vibrate continually. You can still tweet to 40404 from your phone, but you'll be spared the constant incoming tweets.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

also, bookmark on your phone's web browser and visit it often.