Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Apathy vs Ignorance

Today was trash day in my neighborhood. It amazed me that in my little townhouse court, I saw 4 CRT monitors and/or TVs put out for the trash guys to pickup. Don't people know that those TVs have harmful things in them and that there are several electronics recycling programs available?

I am guessing some know and some don't, even though I feel everyone should know at this point. So then here comes a question like Ben's - Do they care? As shown by the TVs in the trash, no.

Are there topics like this in your association with your members? Are you struggling between figuring out if it is apathy or ignorance? I know I am.

PS - Something tells me there could be a really cool graph to display an apathy/ignorance curve of some sort.

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David M. Patt, CAE said...

They may know about services that cost money - some as much as $25 per item. If there is a free service - or even a free drop-off site - they might not leave their stuff at the curb.