Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obsolescence and Banking

In some ways, the recent conversations have asked if associations will become obsolete. Greg pointed out that some associations have run their course, while others mentioned how as the world changes, and industry may cease to exist (see Shirky talking about scribes).

Although not really association related, I wonder when checks will become obsolete. It still baffles me when I go to Giant and see someone write a check. In the era of online banking and debit cards, there aren't too many situations that require having a check. Plus, it is the one form of payment that you aren't sure or not if it is good.

I like Bank of America's savings program where they round up your purchases and put the change into your savings. What a great idea. Now, could some non-profits team up with BOA and have them round up and put the change in account as a donation to that charity or foundation? Now that would be something!

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