Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back From Toronto #asae09

It is hard being back in the office after being in Toronto for ASAE and the Center's annual meeting in Toronto. Although it is even harder considering a some dope went the wrong way down Wilson Blvd at 60 mph and crashed into a telephone pole knocking out the power at our office and shutting down the street. Luckily, I hadn't gone in yet, so yesterday was spent working at home.

The main theme for me, as shown by ASAE in their opening video, was connect. I connected with so many people. Many I already knew, but some only through Twitter (I am @CardCat) and blogs. I met many more by following the #asae09 Twitter hashtag and following them. Then there were the usual friends of friends introductions at various events. That alone made the trip worth it. My best learning takeaways were probably gleaned from the Hub from sessions I didn't even attend. Now I just need a way to aggregate and disseminate all the info from the Hub.

Other random notes:
- The online engagement lounge rocked. Best part was getting intimate Q&A with Charlene Li and Clay Shirky. Thank you ASAE staff who made that happen.
- I would like to see an idea swap room. Every session there is an idea swap there with a table or multiple tables for each of the various disciplines. That would rock!
- We need more session times, with less choices for each session.
- The AV was better, but please give all speakers wireless microphones. Pony up the cash. It is worth it.
- I totally didn't bring home Kilkenny beer, thinking they may have it at duty free. They didn't. I failed.
- Folks in Toronto are very nice. Even when you go as a DC United fan to watch them play in Toronto.
- I am glad the CVB's had their own side of the floor. That way I didn't need to go over there. But that means I missed the best swag. Oh well, I just couldn't even pretend to have meetings in order to get a Build a Bear.
- I am really curious how much the Build a Bear thing cost St. Louis.
- Toronto is great about recycling. I wish the US was as proactive.

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Jeffrey Cufaude said...

" I would like to see an idea swap room."

Wow, a blast from the past that should be reutilized. Doing something like this is probably a lot more common at local, state, or regional events, but ASAE would be a great spot for it as well.