Monday, August 24, 2009

The Google Generation

In Free, Anderson refers to a group (mostly under 20 years old who have grown up always having a broadband connection) as the Google Generation. They expect information to be infinite and immediate. These are your future members. How are you going to adapt?

They insist on Free not just in price but also in the absence of restrictions: They resist registration barriers, copyright control schemes, and content they can't own. The question is not "What does it cost? but "Why should I pay?" This is not arrogance or entitlement -- it is experience. They have come of age in a world of Free.

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Sue Pelletier said...

This point got pounded home this morning as I read an article about how even the recent huge judgment against the guy who downloaded free music isn't stopping teenagers/20-somethings from doing it. (article is here if you want to check it out:

In my business (trade magazines), we've been feeling the pinch of free for a while now. If anyone has figured it out, please let me know!