Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Google TV Ads Update #6

Things are looking up. I have passed the first set of approvals!!!

Now I am seeing the following:

This ad has been processed by our television partners.
It is still being processed by 5 of our partners.
It is approved and ready to be shown by 1 of our partners.

I also went through and added a bunch of extra target channels and day parts that were the cheapest out there, just so I can try to maximize what I get. My new estimates are 372k unique impressions, 723k total impressions, 76 spots for a total of $300.

So, barring any disasters, I will have TV ads running in the morning!

Lessons learned:
1. Have lots of time available to get this up and running.
2. Make sure everything in your final video is in that action safe area.
3. You can use free video editing software to get the final, TV ready video.

I will have a follow up after Friday, once everything has run its course.


Split said...

"Action safe area"?

Matt Baehr said...

Yeah, I actually talk about it in one of my earlier updates.

Although the video is 720x480, you have to have an empty border of 5% on each side. So if you have graphics or slides, the max is 648x432 with the rest being blank border.