Friday, July 9, 2010

Google TV Ads Update #8 - I was on TV!

So I logged in this morning to see if the ads had finally been approved, and it turns out I had ads run yesterday!

Here is the screen shoot of what I had run yesterday. Looks like almost 310k impressions in 72 spots. My average CPM was $0.46, which is actually less than the minimum bid of $0.50. Here is the Google definition of an impression:

Impressions within a Google TV Ads context are counted as the number of set top boxes tuned into a specific network when your ad is aired. The set top box must be engaged with your ad for at least five seconds to count as an impression. Your account is charged for live impressions and DVR (digital video recorder) +1 impressions. Final impression numbers -- the basis of billing -- are determined four days after your ad airs

The one issue I have right now is, looks like 0 people came to my website as a result of the ad. Overall lessons learned:
1) Don't be too afraid to have a max bid on the top end of the estimates. You will most likely be under it.
2) Just like you need to optimize your online adwords with targets, your ad creative, and need to do the same with your TV ads.

Here is the basic campaign screen and the Played Spots report that you get in the reporting tab.


Manx203 said...

0 clicks? yeah that's a problem with TV advertising for anything like a web product.
It is hard to quantify your actual return from the ad.
Unlike a web besed ad, or Tweet there you know exactly where your clicks and visitors are coming from and where they're going - with a TV ad, there is such a disconnect between between the two mediums.

Its nice that Google does show your analytics along side your TV ad running though - at least that give you something to go on.

Greg Melia, CAE said...

Cool Matt. I may have missed it before, but is there somewhere we can view your ad?