Thursday, March 27, 2008


Somehow, I find many enewsletters in my inbox that I never signed up for. As I was just unsubscribing from one, I had an interesting wrinkle. The web page I used to unsubscribe asked me what state I was in. This is the first time I have had to put in any info (besides the address to unsubscribe) in order to get off a list. Does this now mean I will be on a different list for just my state events/news? Who knows? However, I did find it an interesting way to get more info from your list. I believe most people would answer at least 1 demographic question in order to unsubscribe, probably a few.

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Scott Oser said...


I find it interesting that you try to unsubscribe from newsletters you don't sign up for. I have found that in this world of spam that we live in you are typically better off just putting the newsletters on a blacklist so they don't come any longer. Of course if I know that the newsletter is from a legit source I would never do that but I have found many times that unsubscribing just leads to more emails that I don't want.

I wonder how many people are now simply just blacklisting email addresses like I am. If more and more people are doing so this is not a good trend for marketers. It also reinforces how important it is to tailor your message to your audience.