Monday, August 11, 2008

ASAE Annual Thoughts

I just figured out my schedule for ASAE Annual. Wow, lots to do. I have a packed schedule, as I bet most do.

For my fellow trade association folks, I will be leading a discussion in the Decision To Lounge at 3pm on Sunday. It will focus on how trades can use the DTJ study.

Not sure I like the pre-reg process for Thought Leader sessions. Didn't even know I had to until it was too late. Oh well.

Here is a pet-peeve. Exhibitor phone calls pre-show. When did this become acceptable? I can deal with the postcards (even though I think I have gotten one from every single exhibitor). But stop calling me. Just because I am going to the event doesn't make me a qualified lead.

I hope the AV in the meeting rooms is better this year. If not, I really hope ASAE will let us help them with it in the future. It is our industry and we have offered to help. I hate being at a conference with bad AV and then telling people I work for the AV trade association.


Mark said...

The postcards annoy me. We are suppose to bring them with us, in my case half way across the country?
If you must use them, and I question their effectiveness), give them to me when I check in at registration.

So far, no calls. But I am sure they are coming.

Kevin said...

The decision to lounge? Well, that's an easy decision to make....

Matt Baehr said...

True. I guess I should have written the "Decision To" Lounge. But I didn't want to get Elizabeth upset at me.

Scott Oser said...

Hey Matt,

I feel like I have received fewer postcards this year. Of course the majority of what I have received is totally not appropriate for what I do so the vendor is just throwing their money away.

I wonder if I have actually received as many as usual but have just gotten better at throwing them away and not even remembering getting them in the first place. Not good if you are one of the vendors that spent the money to mail them to me.

See you in SD!