Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Buzz Topics

Diversity and Social Responsibility

I want to start off the post with a disclaimer, I am not against these things one bit. So please don't think that. I think we should all make efforts to be inclusionary (evidently not a word) and to do our part in being socially responsible.

But haven't we beaten these topics into the ground? They aren't new. In fact, it seems that we are talking more and more about them, but with less and less new insight. Can't we just figure out a few low-key ways to enable people to increase diversity and social responsibility where needed and/or where they can and let it snowball from there? I feel like dialogue and hollow or poorly executed programs are all that seem to flying around.

I hate to complain and not offer any solutions, but I don't have any right now. I just think if the time and effort spent on dialogue were channeled into actual actionable items, we might get people more engaged in both topics.

OK, let the wrath begin.


Jamie Notter said...

First: try "inclusive." ;-)

I hear you, Matt. But I don't think we've really beaten these things into the ground. More like we close our eyes and flail wildly at it for a long, long time and then wonder why it's still there. First, I agree that we have lots of hollow programs in the universe on these topics. Often very well meaning, but with disappointing impact. But I think that stems from our collective inability to have REAL dialogue about them. I don't really have an answer either. On the diversity front, I think we need to hit the topic really hard--get right into the oppression that goes on even today. But that's too scary, so we tone it down...and then wonder why the issue is still here.

David Gammel said...

I'd like to see more leadership by action in lieu of leadership by seminar theme.

Change is often led by exemplars, rarely by keynote speakers.

Greg Fine said...

Full discloser...I was interviewed and filmed for the session on Sunday. I have no idea how they are going to use the tape...I may be hiding my face on Sunday.

That said, really addressing diversity and diversity that is more than just race or sex, but what makes a unique and different and honoring that diversity is worth discussing and discussing head on. Yes, the same old seminar isn't going to do. We must live it and I try to do that every day.

So, I remain open minded and hopeful that we can start a conversation that leads to action so we no longer need to conversation.

Let's see what happens.