Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Words that Really Don't Exist

I know Elizabeth hates quote marks.

I know Maddie wants some words/phrases to go away.

So I am pushing for some new words/phrases to be added to the lexicon. Mostly because I am not that smart when it comes to the English language and want to make things easier on myself. Plus, I looked dumb in my last post. So I am lobbying to make myself (and W) look smarter!

Proposed additions:
#1 - Inclusionary - works better than inclusive in some instances, right Jamie!
#2 - Commoditization - the turning of things into a commodity.

Bonus - for all you SNL fans: Dignitude.


Lindy Dreyer said...

I'm down with dignitude. I could live without the other two, but you're welcome to use them all you like. I won't judge you for it. ;-)

Greg Fine said...

I shall support and use commoditization. Sounds good and can be a bad thing for associations,.

I would also suggestL

Generationalization - what is happening to the workforce and our membership.

An one else with some new words?