Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ideal Conference

Lot's of folks have talked about San Diego and the ASAE Annual Meeting.
BMart (aka Captain Fogdirog)
JNott (aka McLovin)
Kevin Holland
New Association Blogger Caron Mason
Lisa Junker compiled a list on Acronym, including some of these too.

It got me thinking of a few posts Jeff did back in June (here and here) about cool conferences. I wanted to pose a separate question. If you could start a conference from scratch for association professionals, how would you do it? Location, sessions, timing, registration, special events, cost - the whole nine.

Let's hear your ideas!


Ben Martin, CAE said...

This industry needs a full-blown unconference. That would be cool.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Subbing to comments. Sry.

Maddie Grant said...

YAP in da house. Nuff said.