Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't be too picky

Miriam has a great post on Acronym that I wanted to talk about in a different vein. I want to caution people not to be too picky. I know I have posted several suggestions about what ASAE could/should do, but that is me thinking like a member. I am sure we all have members who are always offering suggestions. Some good, some you have just smile and nod. I am guessing I fall into both categories.

Because this is what we all do on a daily basis, we are prone to be the worst critics. When you see something that isn't quite right or could be better, put yourself in ASAE's shoes before you comment. If it was your conference, when and how would you prefer your members to tell you about it? Then do that.

ASAE is going to put on a good show. There will certainly be some things I look for and try to implement that I see them do. And I am sure I will have comments for the evaluations too. And dang-it, if the AV isn't right this year...


Lisa Junker said...

Thank you so much for your post, Matt! For what it's worth, though, we take members' comments in their spirit in which they're intended--the spirit of continuous improvement. We know there's always a higher level to aspire to, and bloggers (as well as members who just give us feedback in their conference evaluations) can help us aim to get there.

And for what it's worth, we can reap the benefits of the flip side of this, too. When there was a fire and a power outage at Great Ideas a few years ago, attendees couldn't have been more gracious and understanding--and they all kept saying, "I just imagine what it would be like if this happened at my association's conference!"

Scott Oser said...

Hello everyone,

Since we are giving constructive criticism I have to point out one thing I am really struggling with. Why are all the "private" receptions on Sunday night? At this point here is where I am trying to go Sunday late afternoon:

*4 until 5?--Professional Development Section Council Reception
*4:30 until 5:30--ASAE Secret Session (Convention Center)
*5:00 until 6:30--Consultant Gathering (Hyatt)
*5:30 until 6:30--Membership Section Council Reception (Hyatt)

I hate to say this but why is there nothing Monday night? Is it in the hopes that everyone will pony up and pay to go to the Wine thing for the Foundation? Personally I would love to have the receptions spread out some so we don't have to run around like crazy people on Sunday with nothing to do on Monday.